Welcome to Pullman Locally Grown!

We are still working on setting up this marketplace. Please have patience!

Currently this marketplace if being set up as Omache Farm’s new Home Delivery platform. We are hoping to gradually collect other local growers to help provide you with a whole local foods home delivery service!

Remember those images of the milkman who visited every morning to bring fresh milk from the local dairy? Well now you can have your very own Grocery Guy or Gal who delivers to your own front door once every week with exactly what you’ve ordered!

At this time, there is no membership fee. Each customer pays a Market Fee (5%) on each order to help fund the costs of market operations (administration, delivery, etc).

Porch coolers are available for sale if you would like a dedicated cooler of your own. They are painted up nicely with the Markets information. Help us with getting the word out even when you’re not home!

Local growers only pay a percentage of what they sell. This allows growers to sell items though this market without worrying about investing time in selling their items and not earning any money for the time spent, one of the hardest things about attending physical farmer’s markets each week!